St-Luc, Chandolin et environs : Illgraben - Ponchet n°10

Warning: Jarring viewpoint from the Illgraben edge.

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Walk up the dirt track to the rightof the Tourist Office and follow the sign. After about an hour’s walking, you reach Illgraben, one of the largest cirques in Europe. The unobstructed view and the thrill as you stand on the edge of the cirque are definitely worth the walk! Continue until you reach the wooded alpine pasture at Ponchet, which has been rehabilitated and restored to its previous state.
1. Continue downhill to Soussillon, before climbing back up to Chandolin
2. Continue downhill as far as Sierre via Beauregard (route of the Sierre-Zinal race)
3. Before reaching Ponchet, take the path off to the left leading to Soussillon

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