The Illgraben is the largest torrential lava site in Switzerland. The edge of the precipice is accessible on foot. Enjoy the breathtaking view offered by this erosion site.

The Illgraben is a huge rocky catchment overlooking the Rhône valley. It has been formed following the collapse of the mountain due to the effect of erosion in the 14th century. It is also one of the most active torrential lava channels in the Swiss Alps, with debris flows occurring several times a year.

Its catchment covers a 10km2 area. This erosion site is made of :
- quartzite
- limestone accumulations
- dolomite

The Illgraben has almost no vegetation and offers an astonishing alluvial landscape. The ravine is over 1500m deep. The huge yellow and reddish gash increases the sense of void. This rift is always moving and becomes a little bigger every year.

From Chandolin: 1 hour's walk towards Ponchet

View from the edge: 1500m of void, straight out over the Rhone Valley

Useful information

The Illgraben is only accessible in summer, subject to weather conditions.

Location View mapChandolin
Route de Ponchet
3961 Chandolin
Information about the activity +41 27 476 17 15


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