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Zinal- Post 1. Old Chapel

This is the remaining tower of a former chapel. By 1900, the small adjacent building was occupied by a shop. On the front, the two dates inscribed are 1756 and 1919. The construction date of the building is not known.

  Map of Zinal


The first location of the Zinal historical visit is behind the Tourist Office, at the edge of the old road leading from Ayer to Zinal.

At the Bazaar of the vieille chapelle, which was run until 1953 by Denise Pont-Savioz, different items were sold. A sign indicated: “Groceries, haberdashery, souvenirs, tourist items, food and other supplies, wide range of postcards, tobacco, cigars, film, fruit, pastries, pharmaceuticals.

On the chalet, located after the chapel, the names of the owners and a master tailor are listed as well as the date of the original building which was probably a mayen.


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The next location is opposite on the right side of the road.