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Yoga tibétain

Try Romaine Bovier’s Tibetan Yoga classes, which take place in the open air near Vercorin
Come to the magnificent open spaces at Vercorin where, within sight of the mountains of the Valais, you can practise ancient Himalayan exercises associated with the elements of nature. Lu Jong is a Tibetan form of yoga, associated with the principles of Tibetan medicine, and consists of a series of simple movements that can be performed by anyone. It connects one’s being with the five elements of nature (space, air, fire, water, earth) and provides an opportunity to develop the bodily senses. It boosts the immune system, helps reduce stress and develops the ability to concentrate. USEFUL INFORMATION: Every Tuesday From 19:00 to 20:00 Vercorin Romaine Bovier www.romainebovier.ch Enrolment: romaine@lujong.org or 41 77 421 79 77 Fee: CHF 10 Meeting point: Village square, Vercorin The class takes place in all weathers, please dress accordingly
AdressRue centrale
Locality3967 Vercorin
Phone0041 77 421 79 77
Opening hours
De 19h00 à 20h15
Opening Dates
Tous les jeudis