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The wildlife museum

Chandolin - Chandolin now has a museum dedicated to wildlife. The exhibition presents an educational display of the region’s mammals and birds.

Spotlight on the golden eagle

After an initial exhibition that gave a general overview of the wildlife of the Val d'Anniviers, the organisers – hunters from the valley – decided to focus on the golden eagle. Several stuffed eagles, positioned next to their favourite types of prey, enable visitors to find out more about the way of life of one of the valley's residents.

The exhibition is illustrated and complemented by a video, with a commentary in French, German and English. The photos and videos were taken in the valley by Aurel Salamin, a guide and hunter. He spent five months closely observing a family of eagles, from egg-laying to hatching (and including a scene of cainism, where the older of the two chicks kills the younger), to the point when the young eagle leaves the nest. The filming and photography required meticulous preparation beforehand, to avoid disturbing the eagles.

A lavishly-illustrated book has been produced, which is featured at the exhibition.
It can be ordered from the author : Aurel Salamin -

Visit to the Wildlife Museum

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Autumn / Winter

Open 7/7 from 8:00-21:00

Open 7/7 from 8:00-18:00


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