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Trip to the inside of the Zinal glacier

This is a unique winter experience you simply have to try – a trip to the inside of the Zinal glacier. Strap on your snow shoes and keep a day free for an amazing guided walk!

Lying 2½ hours’ walk from Zinal, the Zinal Glacier originates from the meeting-point of three glaciers :

  • The Grand Cornier glacier
  • The Durand glacier
  • The Mountet glacier

There are several natural cavities, grottoes hollowed out by the streams that flow beneath the glacier. Access is not possible in summer, as there is too much water flowing. In winter, on the other hand, snow-shoe trips are organised on a regular basis to the glacier, where visitors can enter its mineral universe.

Trips inside the Zinal glacier

Season :

From mid-December to mid-March

Day/times :

Tuesdays and Thursdays (trips on other days by arrangement)

Starting time from Zinal :


Return to Zinal :


Booking :

Tarifs :

Price as agreed with the guide

Please note :

  • The trip does not require any particular training, but it should be noted that it involves 5 hours’ walking and 400 m height difference
  • The trips only go ahead if the weather permits
  • Please bring a picnic lunch