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Trail Running Station Val d'Anniviers by Salomon

Trail Running Station Val d’Anniviers, by Salomon, 5 trail running routes in the St-Luc/Bella-Tola/Chandolin/Illhorn area, featuring high-altitude lakes, bisses, alpine pastures, woodland... and views of the legendary Couronne Impériale mountains!

Trail running in the Val d’Anniviers, an outstanding location

This summer, 4 routes are being opened in this area, for training, getting into shape or keeping fit. They will enable you to run across this slope of the Val d’Anniviers, with its forests, alpine pastures and mountain lakes. Several route options will take you to some of the 3000-metre summits around the official routes: Bella-Tola, Tounot, Rothorn.


Trail Running Station Val d’Anniviers by Salomon is a unique, outstanding trail running area:

  • The trail running routes give views of the Couronne Impériale (5 peaks over 4000 metres high)
  • The area is in the sunniest region of Switzerland and can be used from May to November, free of charge
  • It is the birthplace of the Sierre-Zinal, international mountain running race, in which over 4000 runners compete every August
  • En septembre se courent les KM de Chando, l'unique double kilomètre vertical de Suisse et manche du Vertical Kilometer World Circuit.

About trail running

Trail running is a form of mountain running, characterised by the extended period of exertion required, a significant difference in altitude, sections that are often "technical", and a particular emphasis on environmental protection.

A base camp at  Tignousa
(at the arrival point of the St-Luc/Tignousa funicular system, at the Tignousa mountain restaurant)

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Between lakes, mountain pastures and forests: the routes

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Trail du Bisse

Distance : 6.7 km

Difference in altitude : 441 D+/-

Starting from the funicular station at St-Luc, this heads towards Le Prilet via the cow pastures. From there, the route ascends to Gillou, to an altitude of 1829m, on the path that leads to the Hôtel Weisshorn. Here, the route runs alongside the bisse (ancient irrigation channel) in a succession of small climbs and descents in woodland. After a short descent, it crosses a bridge and reaches another bisse, which leads to a point just above the village of St-Luc. After passing the rails of the funicular system, a steep descent brings you back to the starting point.


Trail St-Luc/Chandolin

Distance : 16.7 km

Difference in altitude : 1149 D+/-

St-Luc/Chandolin trail: This trail starts from Chandolin, St-Luc, Tignousa or Le Tsapé! It runs between villages, forests and alpine pastures, giving you a view of the Couronne Impériale, and taking you along the Planets Trail and the route of the legendary Sierre-Zinal race. You'll also go through Le Tsapé and the Pas de l'Illsee, where the French-speaking part of Valais meets the Haut-Valais, on the route of the Chenegouga educational trail.


Trail des Lacs

Distance : 12.2 km

Difference in altitude : 682 D+/-

The Lakes Trail: This starts from the funicular railway arrival point at Tignousa (2180m), and heads towards the Planets Trail, facing the peaks of the Couronne Impériale. Initially, the route is quite easy and level, but it then climbs steeply, gaining 200 metres in altitude over a distance of 900 metres. You then reach the alpine pasture area at the foot of Le Tounot, passing various mountain lakes, before returning to Tignousa via the Cabane Bella-Tola.


Double KV de Chandolin*

Distance : 8.44 km

Difference in altitude : 1876 D+/-


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Start from the water treatment plant ("la STEP") for the double KV. The route goes through the traditional village of Fang, and takes a steep, winding path up towards La Rèche, just below the village of Chandolin. It then crosses the different residential areas of Chandolin and climbs towards the Illhorn, via the ski run. You will pass in front of the Cabane Illhorn before attacking the final challenge of the day, heading towards the Pas de l’Illsee and then the summit of the Illhorn (2716m).


Trail du Gypaète

Distance : 22 km

Difference in altitude : 1200 D+/-

This route is aimed at trail runners who want to train over longer distances. Around 22km long, with a difference in altitude of 1200m, the route alternates between forests, alpine pastures and villages. The resorts are near enough for a run to be cut short if necessary (sudden tiredness, bad weather, etc.). Our favourites: the section between Soussillon and Ponchet, and the Illgraben, one of the largest active erosion sites in Europe!



La folle ascension du Trail Running (Le Temps, sept.2015) 

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