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Swiss ski school /Vercorin

Enjoy learning and making progress in all winter sports!
If you are regular visitors to Vercorin, you will definitely have heard of us, because our director, Jean-François Neurohr, has been a ski instructor here since 1980. With five years’ experience and a professional ski instructor’s qualification, he came to the Ecole Suisse de Ski (ESS) de Vercorin and has been its director for 20 years, working with his wife Corinne. Baptiste has always been involved with tourism and skiing, so he rapidly followed in his father’s footsteps, gaining his professional ski instructor’s qualification in 2005. He then took further training in order to become an expert/trainer in teaching skiing to children at national level. He is very much part of the social life of our village, and like his family, he both lives and works in Vercorin. We take account of your needs and do everything we can, via our range of different courses and events, to ensure that you have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday in our lovely little resort. We offer: - a team from Vercorin - supervision by experienced professionals who are here throughout the winter - motivated, enthusiastic staff who enjoy sharing their passions and their knowledge with you - a structure, products and a service that are designed specifically for Vercorin’s clientele - timetables and customer care that ensure your holiday is successful - facilities, training and a concept that are constantly being updated Jean-François, Corinne & Baptiste
AdressRte d'Anniviers
Locality3967 Vercorin
Phone0041 27 456 16 17
Fax0041 27 457 21 03
Opening hours
Tous les jours 8h30-18h00 en haute saison
Opening Dates
Saison d'hiver
Accessibility Not wheelchair-accessible More information