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Rando Parc Anniviers

NEW : 5 ski touring routes in the St-Luc/Chandolin skiing area. 27 km of waymarked routes, with a total of more than 4000 metres of ascents/descents!

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New for this winter in Val d’Anniviers :

5 ski touring routes in the St-Luc/Chandolin ski area

Flyer Rando Parc St-Luc/Chandolin

Lovers of climbing skins can enjoy 27 km of marked trails with a total elevation gain of more than 4000m! The Rando Parc is open to all levels, thanks to its touring tracks with different levels of difficulty: 2 blue trails (easy), 2 red (quite difficult) and 1 black (difficult). The routes are maintained and sponsored by various local associations and by two well-known athletes: Florent Troillet, former world champion and record-holder for the Patrouille des Glaciers, and Maximilien Drion, winner of the Petite Patrouille des Glaciers in 2018.

At the starting point of each route, a car park makes access easier for motorists. On the highest points of three of the five routes (Tsapé, Neptune, Mars), there are places where you can eat and drink. The Rando Parc even has some showers at Tignousa, as well as a bag transport service, at the funicular railway and at the Le Tsapé chair lift. 

Article Le Matin Dimanche - 27.01.2019


2 ski touring routes in the Vercorin skiing area

Besides the routes above, there's another 11.5km in Vercorin, with a total ascent/descent of 2000m.

Both routes take you to the Crêt du Midi, where refreshments are available in the restaurant, which is conveniently located next to the Vercorin gondola lift.