Poste 6. Old Store

You are on the old village road. Around 1950, the house to the left of the road housed a store for food and products of all kinds. You can make out the old windows with arches.

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The store and the small “Café Cholaïc” were managed by Helène and Séraphin Viaccoz. In local dialect the term “Cholaïc” means “sun”. The rudimentary café, was in an old wooden shack with only a stove used for heating in winter and a kerosene lamp for lighting. Then, in 1958, it was transformed into the “Pension des Gorges de la Gougra “ managed by Paul and Irma Revaz. During the same year a small Coop store opened in a house at the entrance to the village on the left of the main road.

In 1988 the Cholaïc building was built and included a café, restaurant, an exhibition gallery, a studio and a shop, a public laundry and a rental agency that is no longer active. The Cholaïc construction project was carried out by the former commune of Ayer, the resident and non-resident, local population. A hundred people were shareholders of the SA Cholaïc.


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Return to the basin and follow the little path down to the left, to the house left of the road, with a terrace.