Poste 2. Calvary

The Calvary is located at the foot of the Grand Hotel, at the Bâ de la Saint-Jean. A panoramic map shows the surrounding peaks that can be seen in a 360 degree circle. Formerly, processions were held every fortnight and went up from the church to the cross of the Calvary.

   Map of Chandolin


This tradition is maintained on the day of Corpus Christi. An altar is placed near the cross where the faithful gather. This is also where the Swiss National Day (August 1) is celebrated with a traditional bonfire.

Ella Maillart an illustrious guest of Chandolin over a period of fifty years, was particularly fond of walking in this place where she admired this “ vast and varied horizon ” that encourages contemplation and prayer in silence. After her death in 1997, her ashes were scattered there.


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Follow the path down beneath the cross, until you reach the large chalet on the mountain side.