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Post 19. Washbasin and Water Wheel

The village women came here to wash clothes on boards with soap or ash.

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The washing basins disappeared from the daily lives of women with the arrival of running water in buildings and especially the washing machine. Two artists have revived the old wash house. The two stylized washerwomen were sculptured in copper by Frido Pont, inspired by an old photograph of Charles Krebser. Danielle Salamin created a burst of soap bubbles, also in copper. Brought together here in 1997 in this area dedicated to the memory of the washerwomen, these two works form a harmonious meeting point between the past and the present.

The water wheel that can be admired to the left of the washbasin, comes from the first sawmill mounted on rails at the Prilet. Around 1915, Alexis Zufferey built a new mill in the village. The mill first worked with water, whence the presence of a large wooden waterwheel.


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