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Post 7. Village Wine Cellar

Bypassing this building, on the first level of the east side, one can see two cellar doors. The right cellar belongs to the “ Société du village “ which has owned a vineyard near Noës / Sierre since 1880. The wine cellar was bought in 1941 and enlarged in 1990.

 Map of Mayoux

The work in the vineyard was performed as a chore by members of the “ Société du village “, who were summoned in turn. Similarly for the various maintenance jobs of the premises of the “ Société “, which were carried out under the responsibility of the committee members. The members of the “ Société “ met in a friendly atmosphere after a day at work or during a party. The wine came from the good old wooden barrel, which was filled every year in March, after fermentation in Sierre. Formerly, each family had a wine cellar and almost all had a barrel from which the wine was drawn to be tasted with old cheese. It is here that the social life of the village was organized and the evenings of yesteryear began.


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Go back to the chapel and follow the lane to the left, to the granary.