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Post 3. Vicariate and Parish House

As of 1678, the Parish of Anniviers had a Vicar who lived at the beginning in the village. It is only in 1751 that a Vicariate was built next to the Parish house.

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From 1924 to 1931, it served as a house as well as a medical cabinet for the first doctors working in Anniviers. On the ground floor, there used to be the office of the local Civil Registrar.

Follow the path that is next to the church for a few meters until you arrive at the Parish house.

A building intended specifically to house the parish was constructed, probably in 1740, by Father Michel Jacquier (1667-1742).

In 1730, he had a second church built, that the bishops of the diocese of the time, found too modest to consecrate. In 1832, the old towns of Ayer, Saint-Jean and Grimentz financed the first renovation of the Parish. In 1964, following the death of Father Francey, who had served the parish as vicar and later as parish priest from 1902 to his death, the building was transformed from top to bottom. A new renovation was completed in 2012.


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