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Post 5. Tsarire Cross and district

The cross, located above the road, was erected in 1930 to celebrate the first mission of the village. The missions were parish retreats taking place every ten years that lasted about two weeks.

   Map of Chandolin


The tools on the cross, from left to right, are : the spear that pierced the side of Christ, the hammer that was used to drive nails in, the crown placed on his head, the ladder that was used to place him on the cross, the pliers used to pull the nails when his body was brought down, the pike with the sponge that served to quench his thirst.

The cross is at the centre of a neighbourhood that has remained virtually intact, the Tsarire district. The big house to the right of the cross, called “ Le Retour ” housed the first café of the village on the ground floor. The cement basin that dates from 1925 is the only original basin of the village. The inhabitants took their drinking water from such basins and brought the cows at fixed times for watering. The village women used the basin and the one that was near the bread oven for washing clothes. It was removed in the 1960s, when the square was redesigned.

The arrival of the washing machine in the 1960s changed the lives of women : “ No more washing in the basin in ice water for our mothers ! The children enjoyed watching the wringer rotate. ”


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Continue along the road about ten meters and turn left. Follow the lane to the Maison bourgeoisiale located at the bottom, left.