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Post 4. “Transhumance” House

This house is made up of two parts : the southern part, the oldest, was built on four floors in 1747, while the three-storey northwestern part was built in1805.

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The house was the object of renovation work in the 1980s. In the past, the house had seven lodgings, consisting of a bedroom and a kitchen.

Many Anniviards possessed a rudimentary house in Fang, but also a barn-stable, a raccard, granaries and cellars that were shared by multiple owners.

Formerly,” transhumance”( seasonal migration ), called “remuage” was the lifestyle of Anniviards.They moved with livestock, from the valley of the Rhone to the mountains, according to the seasons, and depending on the needs of the animals and the different work to be carried out in the fields, on the crops and in vineyards. That’s why they had more than one home. A family, for example, that periodically resided in Fang, moved constantly between Veyras or Muraz ( near Sierre ), Fang, Soussillon,Chandolin or Saint-Luc.


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Walk down the main path to the next location. After the basin that dates from 1925, the year of the installation of running water in the village, on a rock on the right path, is the oldest house in Fang.