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Post 6. Old Road of Anniviers

This path is a section of the old Anniviers road. Following recent developments of the main road and houses, only parts of the old road still exist.

Map of Niouc

The stretch of road between Sierre and Niouc was once called “Zounir” in dialect, meaning “Way of the Black Forest.” At the time before the first Beauregard fire, the pine forest was very dense, dark and gloomy. Even if the path was located on the territory of the municipalities of Chippis and Sierre, it was the inhabitants of Saint- Luc who took care of its maintenance, on their way back to Muraz.


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Continuing along this path, you come across a dirt road that you follow to the main road. Continue along the main road for 50 meters and take the small dirt path that goes up on the left and leads to the covered picnic area of Niouc. Here you are again on the old Anniviers road.