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Post 1. Old road of Anniviers

Here, you are on the old Anniviers mule road used between 1502 and 1856 by all those who travelled between the Rhone valley and the Val d’Anniviers.

   Map of Fang


The present road was built in 1856, following a different path. Located 100 m higher, it was very curvy and narrow until 1954. The first postal buses arrived in Vissoie in 1926. Later, in 1954, the road was widened and changed, largely because of the construction of the Moiry dam.

Until the 1970s, a number of stables lined the main road. The people of Saint-Luc and Chandolin stored their wagons and equipment, before undertaking the long climb to their villages on mules. In those times, these trails were the only way to reach the towns. The first road to Saint-Luc dates from the early 1930’s and the Chandolin road from the 1960’s.

Before the construction of these roads, Fang played the role of the “wagon storage” for travellers on their way to the Grand Hotel Chandolin, but also for the mule drivers who were in charge of transport. The stable in Fang had room for two wagons and belonged to several owners. Following the development work on the Anniviers road, the storage buildings disappeared, except those at the Crêtes.


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