Post 7. Raccard / Barn

This raccard, second from left, with the stone base, is a typical construction related to the peasant economy of the past. It was designed for the storage of grain. Its unique construction kept rodents from gaining access to grain.

   Map of Chandolin


It consists of a stone base, used as a cellar, and a wooden part elevated on wooden pilotis on which large flat stones are placed.

Its construction is very similar to the granary (grenier). The latter is more solidly built, with walls whose beams are worked and positioned to prevent air from flowing between one beam and the other, because it was used for the storage of food supplies.

Here, you are at the heart of the old village of Chandolin made up of peasant houses, barns, stables, and sheds to store tools. The buildings were built mostly of larch wood, known for its hardness and impermeability. You can discover ancient building techniques such as the horizontal stacking of beams, carved with an axe and assembled in the corners, as well as the balance support system with a transverse beam, in the middle serving the function of the tie rod.


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