Post 4. Old Post Office

In 1871, the building housed the post office of Saint-Luc. On resumption of the postal service by the Swiss Confederation, in 1849, a messenger was responsible for the transportation of mail for the Val d’Anniviers.

  Map of St-Luc

Hotel development was the reason for the opening of a post office in Saint-Luc. Letters and parcels were transported by mule, from the office of Vissoie, which was opened for the postal depot for all of Anniviers, in 1849.

On November 1, 1871, Pierre Pont, owner of the Hotel Bella Tola, was appointed to run the postal service of St. Luc. Chandolin was attached to Saint-Luc. Pierre Pont took advantage of the creation of an official postal seal to propose “Saint-Luc” as a new address, since Luc was the patron saint of the parish and it would have avoided any misidentification with the village of Luc (part of the town of Ayent, in the Hérens district). His proposal was accepted without any concern for the precise etymology of the name.


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