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Post 4. Parish House

The parish house was built in two stages, the first part in timber dates from 1831. The ground floor housed the kindergarten until 2012.

   Plan du Parcours Historique de Grimentz

Behind the fountain is the Parish house. Its front side is decorated with a mosaic representing Saint-Théodule, patron saint of the town. By going down, you can see the wooden part of the building, which was recently restored, with its friezes and floral decorations.

Continue to the church.

In the 1930s, about thirty children aged from 7 to 14-15 years went to class together, from November to April. As some children left the village in February, to follow their parents who descended to the valley of the Rhone to look after the fields and vineyards, the main teacher remained in the village, while a teacher from the valley of the Rhone gave classes to children from Grimentz, in the Villa neighbourhood of Sierre.

Today this building has become a private dwelling.