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Post 5. Parish Church of Saint-Théodule

The parish church of Grimentz, dedicated to Saint-Théodule, is the most recently built church in the valley. Built in 1828-1831, it was rebuilt in 1950-1951, because it was feared that the old arch might collapse subsequent to the 1946 earthquake.

  Map of Grimentz

On the bell tower, you can see the belfry and spire ( wooden part ) that came from the old bell tower ( 1831 ). On the front, two niches contain the statues of Saint-Peter and Saint-Paul, who were probably in the choir of the first church.

In 1989, the choir was renovated and two stained glass windows on the themes of water and fire, were added. They were designed and produced by Christine Crittin-Rion, an inhabitant of the village. The windows of the nave are the work of Paul Monnier. The cemetery, which dates from 1934, has identical crosses and graves of the same dimensions, meant to recall that we are all equal in the afterlife. The only exception is the grave of the priest Alexander Boitzy occupying two plots. The people had decided to honour the only priest who is buried there.


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Follow the small path down in front of the church.