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Post 5. Oratory of La Terra

In the past, here at the side of the road to Grimentz, there was a small round shaped oratory, called “Oratory of La Terra”. In 1954, when the road was expanded, it was demolished and the statue was placed in a fitted niche in a new retaining wall.

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The company that managed the oratory was not disbanded until 1981. The district oratories once served as altars for the celebrations of Corpus Christi. Each oratory was maintained with flowers for the occasion provided by an association of people of the area concerned. In Vissoie, there were three that were demolished beginning in the late nineteenth century. The oratory of the area of “ La Terra ” was the last of these.

The feast of Corpus Christi, instituted in the thirteenth century, was celebrated with great pomp in the Catholic cantons from that time and still is today. On this occasion, a procession takes place around the village, with the Blessed Sacrament, accompanied by the fife and drum band, a military detachment and all the parishioners. During the procession stops are made at small altars erected for the occasion. There, hymns are sung, followed by the blessing of the Holy Sacrament.


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