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Post 1. Oldest House

You can admire the only house that was not destroyed by the fire of 1838. An inscription in local dialect :”E youc lô fouämanta” which means “ I have seen the fire”, was put on the house in remembrance of the catastrophe.

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This large house, built of larch, with several floors, probably dates in part from the seventeenth century. The house formerly did not have a third floor. It was added at a later date. At the third level, on the west facade, the windows still have their original openings.

Note that enhancements were carried out on the northern part of the building together with painted decorations on the ridge beam and horizontal beams at the base of the roof.On the façade of the house, a rusty sign says “Défense de trotter. Amende 5fr“. ( No galloping. 5fr. fine ). Formerly the main road passed through here. All roads and paths were unpaved. This sign therefore invited carts to slow down.


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The next location is immediately on your right. Walk near the building and observe it from the balcony side to see the whole structure.