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Post 14. Museum House

This building, which is one of the oldest of the village, shows several stages of construction, one of which dates from 1529. The three small windows are original.

   Map of Grimentz

Just above the basin, note the beam that emerges from the building. Sometimes the floor boards inside the house were laid before the wood was completely dry. The wooden element that could be tapped on was added to permit the tightening of the floor planks as they dried.

In 2009, the “Association for the Heritage of Grimentz “ acquired the ground floor of this building, in order to reconstruct a typical home of the nineteenth century, which was due to open to the public in 2015.

Go around the house to see the entrance and the pigsty. Note in passing the style of these old houses and their axehewn wooden beams.


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After a few steps, return to the main street.