Post 14. Mule Stable

This mule stable is the only existant example in Pinsec. In the 1950s, there were a dozen mules in the village. At the time, the mule was a method of transportation.

Map of Pinsec

It carried manure in the gardens and fields, cheese and wood in the mountains. Mules drew fir and larch logs in forests. Harnessed to a cart, they accompanied the nomadic Anniviard families to the valley of the Rhone and vice versa, three, to four times a year. In March, it was again the mule that pulled the cart carrying wine from Sierre to fill the barrels in the wine cellars. On this occasion, many villagers were awaiting the arrival of the cart to give a hand unloading and to taste the precious cargo.

A mule could have up to four owners.


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