Post 3. Mulberry Tree

This mulberry tree is very special. Its leaves were used to feed silkworms, while its fruits were probably used for dying cloth ( blue ocher ).

   Map of Fang


The only examples of this tree in the Val d’Anniviers are in Fang. There are five in the village and two in Barmes. Aged about 150 years, they are still in good condition, as young shoots continue to grow out of the old trunks. The mulberry tree was brought to Fang by foreign workers. In the past, almost every house had a tree nearby.

Native to India, the mulberry was imported via Italy or France. Silk production in Europe ceased with the opening of the Suez Canal which allowed the importation of silk that was less expensive.


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Return to the principal path. On the way by, have a look at the house at the beginning of the path, to your right. Formerly, it had a special feature : a rock in the middle of its kitchen, on the ground floor. The next building on the left, is the so-called “Transhumance” House ( seasonal migration house ).