Post 2. Les Morands

Formerly, this hamlet did not exist. Here, there were no residences, only barn-stables, raccards and fields largely owned by residents of Vissoie.

  Map of La Combaz-Cuimey

All these lands were cultivated. The drier ones on the slopes, were chosen for growing potatoes, wheat and rye. Alternating cultivation was practiced, so as not to deplete the soil. In the same field, for example, one year potatoes were grown and another year, wheat.

Beans were also planted and then nibbled during the watch and were found most often in soup, but also served as pawns to play au Moulin. The game is played by two persons on a checkerboard. The game consists in not allowing the opponent to align three consecutive pawns.

There were also some hemp fields, whose stems were soaked in water found at the bottom of marshy ground. Then they were dried, softened, and finally sent to the factory to make the fabric. The flatter areas were cut or grazed. Hay for the winter was then stored in the barn above the cow stables.

Beginning in 1956, the date of the creation of the central dairy of Anniviers, milk was provided for the manufacturing of cheese intended in part for sale.

Around 1965, to the delight of the schoolchildren of Vissoie, a small ski lift was put in place at Les Morands. In the past, festivals and plays were organized at Les Morands.


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