Post 6. Mill

This mill, built at the end of the 1700s, operated until 1954. Damaged by a landslide, it was unusable for a long time.

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In 1992, the former municipality of Chandolin decided to renovate it, respecting its hydraulic and manual operating system. While it is manual this mill does have an automatic function. Indeed, once the grain is milled, the system stops, thanks to a piece that drops down and blocks the water that turns the wheel horizontally.

In 1999, for the first time since 1954, grain was ground and villagers, with the flour obtained were again able to bake bread in their oven.

Formerly, near the mill, there was a fulling “ foulon “ mill that was used to crush fruits ( for example : apples to make cider ), but also hemp and flax.


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Near the bridge, downstream, one can observe the traditional water supply system leading from the stream to the fields.