Post 11. Losier Path

This path, situated above the basin indicates the boundary that séparâtes the hamlets of La Combaz and of Cuimey. The path or “Tsablo”, as it was called in the local dialect, was a common path that was used by people and animals. It would be used to go to the fields and to slide down the wood.

  Map of La Combaz-Cuimey

Each village had its paths with rights of way to be paid that were established by the village association. In the past, each blade of grass mattered. Crossing fields or meadows was strictly forbidden. Routes and rights of way ensured the proper functioning of land use. The path was used for driving goats, and cows were allowed to graze there. Unlike cows, goats did not go up to the mountain pasture in summer. The children kept them in the village. Their sour milk, was used for personal consumption. Sometimes a cow was kept in the village for vacationers who wanted to drink fresh milk and did not appreciate goat milk.

Formerly, there were only a few houses here, but many stable- barns and meadows.


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Continue 20 meters to the house on the right.