Post 7. Old House

This house, which dates in good part from the nineteenth century, has several elements of interest in terms of local built heritage. Observe the windows of the third level : they all have the original openings and braces.

 Map of Mission

On the west side, on the second level, there are fragments of a text with a date, probably 1820, “ the year 1820 Jean Epiney and Euphèmie Monet. ” The inscription was cut off by the enlargement of the windows at a later date. At the third level initials are marked, most likely those of the owners “ MMMT MIHF ”, and the date 1823.

The apartment on the ground floor has preserved the original ceiling and walls made of axe-hewn beams ( see interior photo ).


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Go down to the road, cross it and follow the path that descends to the lower road. The last building on your right is the next location on the tour.