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Post 14. House of Florine and Henri

After crossing the stream of Hombes, inhabitants are considered as being from Saint-Jean d’en-haut. In the early twenty-first century, the “kids” of the 1930s still lived here...

Map of St-Jean

Observe the houses and listen to what their inhabitants have to say. The first house is a beautiful two storey structure that may be the second oldest house in Saint-Jean. An inscription on the masonry part indicates the date of April 24, 1623.

The planks are axe hewn. The cellar is the only completely buried one in the village.

Florine and Henri live here, upstairs. Florine came from Ayer to marry Henri, fifty years ago. Take time to listen to them talk about the goats. A pure delight.

“In the 1950s, there were 70 to 80 goats. It was nice with the goats jumping everywhere. (...) In 1962, everyone had goats. In summer we kept a cow and a goat for milk. Everyone took care of the male goat in turn. Those who refused to keep the goat were taken to court and were ordered to pay for someone else to look after it.

Around 1980, a writer from the city, Jean-Marc L. kept the last male goat in Pinsec in his kitchen with a clay floor. They were like cave dwellers, those two guys!

In those years, we sold the last three goats. Children didn’t want the milk ; they preferred a milk carton. Only a family with a sick child in Vercorin who could only consume goat milk, still came every two days to get some (...) “


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Follow the road for 40 meters, between old converted barns and granaries.