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Post 17. House of the «Confrérie du Saint-Esprit»

This house, located along the old road of Sierre-Vissoie, belonged to the “ Confrérie du Saint-Esprit “ who possessed many properties through donations.

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During recent decades the building has undergone many transformations, but its original structure remains unchanged.

The Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit was founded in 1204 by Guy de Montpellier to help the poor and needy. In Anniviers, it existed as of 1250 and was dissolved between 1792 and 1800.

At the end of the nineteenth century, to the right of the building, was the first bakery in Anniviers, run by Joseph Rouvinez, the son of Baptiste who built the Hotel des Alpes. Subsequently, Joseph Rouvinez established himself in the building that was later called the “House of the Baker Epiney”. He was the predecessor of Rémy Epiney.


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The next stop, the former Hotel d’Anniviers, no longer exists. The building that was built at the location is to the right of the road going in the direction of Sierre, opposite the police station.