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Post 6. House of the Bourgeoisie

The building of the Maison bourgeoisiale in Chandolin probably dates from about 1800. On a beam in the room of the Bourgeoisie the date 1829 is marked. The Maison bourgeoisiale consists of three parts : the wine cellar, the middle room and the top room.

   Map of Chandolin


The cellar houses six large barrels containing wine aged in Muraz sur Sierre and Glacier wine, typical of the Val d’Anniviers. Large pewter jugs, called channes are aligned on three specially designed racks, fixed to the wall. These are used to serve wine from the barrels, at official receptions or village festivals.

The middle room, which housed the former butcher and distillery, is now used as the office of the Bourgeoisie of Chandolin. Formerly, the top room housed the village school. The children went to school altogether in the same room, the bigger ones on one side and the small children on the other.

Because families lived according to the rhythm of the transhumance (seasonal movements) between Muraz and Chandolin, the school year began in Muraz in the autumn, continued in Chandolin in winter and ended in Muraz in spring. School lasted only six months a year for the students.

Currently the room hosts meetings of the Bourgeoisie of Chandolin and Société du Corps de Dieu in the traditional Corpus Christi celebrations. It is also used for various activities including meetings and family gatherings.

On a ceiling beam reads : “ Lué soyt pourtujour le Saint nom de Jésus & Marie& de Joseph Fait l’an 1829 “ (Blessed be the sacred name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, done in the year 1829). The walls are adorned with various pictures of old personalities involved in the active life of the village. The bourgeois diploma of honour of Edmond Bille is also exhibited here.


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