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Post 18. House of the Bourgeoisie

This grand building in larch is the Maison Bourgeoisiale of Saint-Luc.

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The cross you can see near the house, in the photo, has been moved twice and is now in front of the site.

The first fire in 1845 totally destroyed the building built in 1597, but the citizens did not give up and rebuilt it more beautiful than it was before. Read the phrase inscribed on the pediment : “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph protect this house built by the commendable community of Luc, under the presidency of Pierre Martin and Louis Zufferey the year of the fire, 1845.

The description of the Bourgeoisiale room is given by a member of the Swiss Alpine Club Geneva section, in 1866, on the occasion of the celebration organized by Ernest Griolet for the laying of the first lighthouse foundation stone of the Bella-Tola in 1866.

“…One passes in front of the bread oven, up the staircase of Gargantua and you enter a clean room with a low ceiling, but blackened by time, which may have enough space for a hundred people. Five portraits of priests and respectable archpriests, a handwritten letter, and a crucifix adorn the panels. Six narrow tables, two of which are double, made of larch trunks split in two, and benches to match, receive the revelers, at least those who are fortunate enough to find a place.“

The tour of the building includes the bread room, the oven, the former boys classroom and the meeting room of the Bourgeoisie of Saint-Luc. The oven, to the right of the entrance, was used to bake bread needed for families. Today, families make bread, according to the traditional recipe, the ancestral way. Each year, in the depths of January, the furnace is heated as of Sunday evening and families succeed one another throughout the week to bake their bread.


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Walk along the Maison Bourgeoisiale and take the street on your right, until the old wash house.