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Post 15. House of the Baker Epiney

This building was built on the foundations of a house that was destroyed in the fire of 1880. The fire ravaged the whole neighbourhood behind the tower.

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The first postal depot in the valley was located on the ground floor of this building before the fire. The custodian, Jerome Florey (1847-1922), on this occasion, almost lost his life trying to save money and valuable documents from the flames. The reconstruction of the masonry house was undertaken by a private individual, Baptiste Rouvinez from Grimentz, as well as the former municipalities of Ayer-Vissoie and Grimentz-Vissoie.

The baker established himself on the ground floor, while the first floor housed a classroom, as well as the telegraph and later the first manual telephone centre which was run by Crésence Monnier (1871-1960). She held this position from the age of 13. As a schoolgirl, she attended class, and when duty called, without explanation, she went to the adjacent room where the telegraph was installed, to fulfill her duties.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the baker Epiney bought the entire building, whence its name.


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