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Post 16. House of Albert and Cécile

When there is sun, Cecile sits on her balcony and is the only lady of her age that has kept her pretty white hair in a bun. When Albert was still there, they sat every afternoon on the balcony and chatted with the people who passed by. But let us hear them tell of the day of their wedding.

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Albert’s family lived on the first floor of the house. Cecile, who was from Pinsec, was hired as a assistant to Jeanne, the weaver. But it was in Noës that they met and in 1948 they married. The dress of the bride was made by the seamstress of Vissoie.

On the wedding day, they had a party at the House of the Bourgeoisie. Dried meat, raclette and cake were served. Directly after the wedding dinner, Albert went to run the snow plow on the road between Leuk and Leukerbad, while Cécile accompanied grandfather Symphorien (her father-in-law, a very nice man) to Nava to mind the cows.

Agricultural activities came one after the other for Cécile tending vineyards, cows, gardens, and manure to be transported. “Before, we hardly had any time to ourselves. But we stayed up and played cards, even if we were tired or when we had to get up early. Sometimes there were so many of us that we had only three cards each, so it was quickly done. (...)

It would take us 5 hours to get from Saint-Jean to Noës. No, we were not tired, we were used to it. The women would knit while they walked. Then we picked up branches. We always had something to carry when we came from the mayens : bedding, wood, etc”.


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