Post 14. Old House

An architectural ensemble, including a barn-stable and a former residence built in 1768, is located after "Mon Repos" .

  Map of Zinal


Part of the building was acquired by the Association “Amis du Vieux Zinal”, in 1967. The association was founded in 1966 with the aim, amongst others, to preserve the old village and promote old local traditions. The film “Zinal autrefois”, filmed in 1969-1970, traces the life of the Anniviards when they stayed at their mayens in Zinal during the winter and summer months.

Witness to the life of yesteryear, the house allows visitors to discover what it was like to live in a mayen in Zinal. It contains furniture, utensils and tools that illustrate the daily life of the time until 1965.

This is one of the few houses in the village to have preserved its original windows with braces. The openings are small and the windows are pegged without any sealant.

The typical cellar is also part of the exhibition. Photographs of Zinal from the late nineteenth century are presented here.

Guided tours in summer can be organised by reservation at the Tourist Office.


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