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Post 1. Old Hotel Rothorn

The former Rothorn Hotel was built in the nineteenth century and operated until 1970. It was demolished in 1979. It was situated below the current road on the edge on the old road, which leads today to the skating rink, and that once was used by travellers on their way to Zinal.

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The path, consisting of ten locations, begins at the Rothorn building near the parking lot.

Over time, the hotel underwent transformations : first, a veranda which hosted a pool table was added, and, then a new floor was added at the same time as the post office and the road in the1950’s.

The leaflet advertising the hotel stated “Ayer, the centre for walks and ascents, beautiful forests nearby, pure, invigorating air, gamesroom, running water on all floors ...”. Near the café-restaurant there was a grocery store that sold postcards and various items.

The current building, which includes a hotel, restaurant and a store, was built by the villagers gathered in a cooperative in 1981. One of the floors, dedicated to the old town of Ayer, now houses the finance office of the municipality of Anniviers. The last post office in the village, finally closed in 2002, was in the house opposite, built by Rémy Theytaz ( President of the municipality of Ayer from 1957 to 1968 and president of the Grand Council of Valais in 1971 ). The Café-Restaurant La Bergère dates from 1949.

Previously, this area was very busy, with two hotels, three coffee shops and a post office.


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Continue 20 meters up the lane that climbs to the right. The last building on the right before the lane is the next location on the tour.