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Post 4. Hotel de la Poste

The Hotel de la Poste, was run by Pierre Savioz, the postal shopkeeper in Zinal followed by Augustus and Flora Blatter. It dates from 1880-1890.

   Map of Zinal

The route continues to the heart of the hotel zone, consisting of the Diablons and Durand Grand Hotels, the Hotel de la Pointe, de la Poste, Trift, National and Besso. After the old chapel on the left, the old road is bordered by several farmers houses, while on the right, stables for pigs and tool sheds form a whole that has remained intact, a small monument to the life of old times.

In 1943 the hotel was taken over by the Bonnard family and renovated in 1954, just before the construction of the new road. During the Mobilization of 1939-1945, the Hotel de la Poste remained open throughout the year due to the presence of troops in Zinal.


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The next location on the tour is after the Hotel de la Poste, on the left, while the building which once housed the National Hotel is located on the right.