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Post 2. Hôtel de la Poste

The building that is now the Chalet Génépi was built around 1920. It housed the Hotel de la Poste from 1925 to 1970. It had six to eight rooms rented only in summer, since the hotel had no heating.

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At the cafe, which was open all year, the men of the village got together. In the same building, a grocery-haberdashery sold clothes, wool, fabrics and tools, until 1981 ( see the sign on the facade ). Around 1980, the hotel became the Auberge Génépi. Until the inauguration of the Zinal road in 1957, the car road ended here. The Anniviards on their way to Zinal could continue on foot or by mule cart, while tourists continued in a postal jeep.

The postal depot was located in a house on the left of the lane, which was demolished in 1915, then in a second building at the same location until 1948-1949.

On the small square to the left there is a statue of the mountain guide Louis Theytaz. The guides of Ayer were in charge of bringing tourists and climbers from Zinal to the mountain heights at the end of the valley. The development of mountaineering contributed to opening up tourism and stimulated the development of Zinal.


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Continue to the next location, the Chalet Madeleine, following the street named “ Petit Chêne “, probably by soldiers from Lausanne, in reference to a street in Lausanne.


Along the street, some homes have friezes ( to the right on the way up ), whose style and design help to determine the time of construction of the house. The frieze seen in the photograph probably dates from the late seventeenth century, according to the directory prepared by the MHV (Historical Monuments Valais). On the buildings, the marks (inscriptions or symbols) that correspond to the trademarks of master carpenters are also visible.