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Post 2. Hotel Pointe de Zinal

The Café de Zinal opened in the new hotel district. It was later enlarged and became the Pension Cotter Theytaz Guide. On the wall of the current Hotel Pointe de Zinal building, there is an inscription that reads “Cotter Theytaz Guide 1911”.

  Map of Zinal

The hotel’s history is closely linked to that of the village and its transformations through time. In 1954, Denis Melly, a teacher in Saint-Jean acquired the small Inn of Arthur Cotter. In 1964, it was enlarged and converted into a hotel.

“When arriving at Zinal, stop in and see Denis, and the little house of great wines. Hotel Zinal, Melly Denis owner. And later : “ (...) the Hotel de la Pointe de Zinal offers the epitome of a relaxing or sporting holiday.“

The family of Denis Melly was the first to reside in Zinal all year, as of the opening of the Défichiaz ski lift in 1961, in the early years of the winter resort. Until 1961, the family went up only in the summer to Zinal. Denis Melly, went up first to house the soldiers who came to a training camp nearby, and then the rest of the family followed him. The whole family went down to Ayer in mid-September with the pigs and goats.


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To get to the Hotel des Diablons, follow the lane that climbs to your left.