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Post 21. Grand Hotel Cervin

Observe the Grand Hotel Cervin above the road, that was opened in 1893.

  Map of St-Luc

Two residents of Saint-Luc contracted the same “stone disease” as the Mosoni brothers had a decade earlier. Thus in 1892 Benoît Antille and Joseph Vocat decided to call on the Lausanne architect Henri Guinand for the design and construction of the Grand Hotel Cervin, located a stone’s throw from the village centre, insolently overlooking Saint-Luc.

Pressed to gain a season, Benoît Antille decided to open half of the 75 rooms planned, in mid-June 1893.

In July, 1894, according to an announcement published in the Gazette du Valais, the Hotel was inaugurated. It was equipped with 75 comfortable rooms, with breath taking views, a large dining room, a reading room, a lounge, a pool table, a smoking room, private lounges, three porches, fourteen balconies, bathrooms on each floor and even a darkroom for photography. This hotel was definitely more modern than the Hotel Bella-Tola.

In 1966, the hotel was updated for the ski season (central heating) and the rooms of the two wings were converted into apartments.


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