Post 8. George’s Corner

These objects were collected by the family of Théophile Savioz and displayed here by Georges Claivaz. They were used for the various farming activities and for the house. In this collection there are also shoes and wooden forms from the shoe store of Georges.

  Map of La Combaz-Cuimey

To the right, there are military shoes with nails dating from 1950 and ski boots. From left to right, you can see an old wooden washing machine and the tools used to stir the laundry soap.

Among the tools exhibited that were used for the work of the stable and care of animals, there is a cow-bell, a goat-bell and a muzzle that prevented calves from eating straw and from suckling. The oil lanterns were used by farmers at dusk or before dawn, to go from the house to the stable. The lamp was suspended from the roof of stable during milking and checking of the animals.

Amongst the tools used in the fields one can see a large toboggan that was used in the summer to transport hay and in winter, for wood. The wheelbarrow was used to transport small loads and also for construction. The sickle was useful for the farmer for cutting grass at the edge of the irrigation canals and in corners inaccessible with a scythe. The faithful companions of the sickles were the covi and the whetstone. The covi is a small wooden container that farmers attached to their belts, to carry the whetstone. In the covi, the stone was in water and was used to sharpen tools.


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