Post 12. Fournier House

This house probably dates from the seventeenth century and presents an interesting architectural ensemble( structure ) that has not changed much over time. The house is known by the inhabitants of Losier under the name Maison Fournier. The history of this area and of the Fournier family were closely related.

  Map of La Combaz-Cuimey

Florentin Fournier, who was appointed as a teacher in Mission, met his future wife Emilie Melly there. Hired as a teacher six months a year, he worked in parallel for a company of Sierre, watching over road construction work on the Vissoie-Ayer road, between 1908 and 1912 and set up his office in Losier. The Vissoie-Ayer road was opened in 1912, and the Ayer-Zinal road in 1951.

Seduced by the place in 1923 Florentin Fournier bought this house where he lived with his family, part of the year. Later, his son acquired the neighbouring house.

At fifty, Florentin Fournier, then a building contractor, obtained a federal diploma and left teaching. He drew the plans of the Mission Chapel in 1930 and helped build the Place( square ) de la Fête in Vissoie in 1936.


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