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Post 17. Former Farm Buildings

They are called granges, raccards, greniers or écuries, (barns, granaries or stables). One no longer sees hay nor pigs in the small stable, nor cows in the barn with its low ceiling.

Map of St-Jean

Traditional agriculture was maintained until 1992 by some farmers who were also working at the aluminium factory in Chippis. The breeding of two cows and two modzons (two-year old calves) permitted the continuity of the cutting of hay in the surrounding meadows and provided extra food for three or four families, that was much appreciated.

When, in 1992, the law made it obligatory to open windows in the stables, to whiten the walls, build a manure pit, and to deliver milk elsewhere, the last traditional farmers abandoned this activity.
Today, the mountain farmer maintains the landscape and perpetuates the values related to land.


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