Post 7. Former Dairy

This stone building, very modern for its time, was built in 1945 to accommodate the dairy.

  Map of St-Luc

The Bourgeoisie decided to build a new dairy in order to comply with legal requirements for safety, but also to encourage the families of the mountain farmers of Saint-Luc. The dairy was needed in particular to allow to speed up the reception of milk, morning and evening, to save labour and to provide the space needed to store and treat cheese. With the closing of the dairy, the building changed its function, becoming the administrative building of the former village of Saint-Luc.

The chalet, which occupied the plot previously, was sold to André Pont, teacher, guide and sculptor. The buyer numbered carefully each plank, carried them to Prilet and built the café-restaurant which opened in 1945 and is still active today. This is the second time this house was dismantled ! Indeed, in 1845, after the terrible fire that destroyed Saint-Luc, the grandfathers of Firmin Favre, eager to provide shelter for their families, dismantled the rustic chalet they had and remounted it more beautiful than before on the plot.


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