Post 10. Farmhouse

The old farmhouse, located above the square consists of three floors where a family lived on each floor.

 Map of Mayoux

The square was created by the former municipality of Saint-Jean to host festivals and plays.Parents and children slept in the same room in two big beds, with berths that were pulled out for the night. Sometimes more than ten people would sleep in the same room. Some apartments had a small extra room, but this was rare.

Clothes were stored in trunks. Crucifixes outnumbered cabinets. The kitchen was heated by a fireplace where a pot hung from a rack. A dresser, a table and two benches were the handcrafted furniture in the room. The toilets were outdoors.

The families lived off the land. Breakfast consisted of bread, cheese and milk. At dinner, people often ate corn or potatoes, sometimes pasta or bouilli.(boiled food) In the evening vegetable or barley soup was the usual fare. When the mother made a fruit tart, it was a day of celebration. The few stores that existed at the time were rarely frequented because of a lack of money.

At the foot of the house, to the left is an old stable once used to keep a pig. Each family had one, kept close to the dwelling. Its meat was very valuable basic family food.


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