Post 2. Farmhouse

Until the twentieth century, three families lived in this house. On the façade, we see the date 1783. On each floor there was a kitchen and a room.

Map of Pinsec

Sometimes families with more means had a small extra room. The land was so steep, that the access to the house was directly on the third floor.

Each house was equipped with a soapstone stove, which was the only way of heating. In the kitchen, there was a small dresser and a table. The fireplace rack and tripod allowed residents to prepare meals and heat the room. A large pot on the side was used to cook the food for the pig.

Parents and children slept in the same room in bunk beds filled with straw mattresses. Intimacy left much to be desired. The toilet, with no running water, was outside. Everything possible was buried in the gardens. Canned foods did not yet exist.


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After the house, left, take the stairs, go around the small wooden building and climb up to the old pigsty.