Post 7. Doctor’s House

Since the 1930s, this house has been known by the inhabitants of Vissoie as “the Doctor’s House.” In 1931, the town of Vissoie, owner of the building, set to work to accommodate the doctor and his office on the second floor and develop a town meeting room on the first floor.

   Map of Vissoie

In the beginning, there was no waiting room. Patients waiting their turns sat on a bench at the top of the staircase in front of the medical office, which was not heated in winter. It is likely that many patients became even more ill during these long waits !

To overcome these drawbacks, the building was modified in 1949. A waiting room, heated during the cold season, was created in the newly designed entrance. Until 1956, the doctor resided in this house. A space for firemen was installed on the ground floor.


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